Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Google continues to enforce it's unspoken role as the omnipotent ruler of the internet and its content. (although there are a few Loki's out there). This time they have decided to act on their relationship with Youtube. For those of your out there who don't know, Google controls all things Youtube and Blogger,  and basically they have attempted to integrate Google+ into both of these platforms. Which honestly, has really rubbed me the wrong way. The only reason I even use a blogger account is because I made it before I knew how to use/create wordpress sites. This doesn't mean I hate Blogger, or Youtube, but I do strongly dislike Google+. For a rational reason? Not particularly, I even use Google+ for its hang outs when I want to get on a few on my OTB writers together to talk biz, but its just such a hassle to maintain a whole other social network when everyone is already on facebook and twitter.

Anyways, Google is continuing to force their will on users by "offering" people the choice to post youtube comments as their Google+ profile. I threw quotes around the word offer because I feel more like they are coercing people into this plot Google+ integration. I consider myself a I'm a pretty computer savvy guy and even I had to really stop and read all of the directions as to figure out how NOT to post as my Google+ account.

But! There are a few good things this could do for the internet. Mainly Trolling.

No not those troll's! The act of, well, being an internet dick in comment threads. As a poly sci minor in college, I'm not one to step on your first amendment rights, (if you want to hide behind an avatar and talk sh*t so be it) but I think there is something to be said about making the world a less hateful place, and I really detest the amount of poisonous content that surfaces in Youtube comments. I'm not necessarily apposed to the idea of people have to be responsible for the actions...since that's the way things work in the real world.

The reason this is a problem at all is because the solution would be to allow people to post comments through any one of their social media outlets, but because Google owns youtube, that's never going to happen. It's like this weird on-going social media/search battle that I see ending in three ways.

1) Facebook creates its own search algorithm and buys Vimeo, which is way better than Youtube anyways. Realistically? Not a chance

2) Google+ becomes the #1 social media site online and facebook crumbles into nothingness, allowing Google complete World (Wide Web) domination. Realistically? I just don't see it happening. There will always be an incoming class of freshman at universities to supply a new batch of facebook users. facebook has rooted itself so deeply in our society that not even a Zuckerberg sex scandal could knock it off its pedestal now. And come on, Zuckerburg? a sex scandal? puh-lease.

3) Complete government take over of the internet by a world governing Hegemon. Most realistic for sure, but in like 1k years.

Until then, you have to be thankful for the internet's capitalist free market system full of competition (except China! eek!). We might not love everything about a product or service we use/signed up for, but at least we have options. At least the companies that own/run those products/services we are using have to continually improve and innovate to keep us involved/intrigued. As for me, I think I'll remain anonymous on Youtube for as long as possible (as anonymous as the user name DTaibleson will keep me).

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