Sunday, August 30, 2015

Google Photos Tip

After my post last night titled Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon I was riding a wave of energy and decided it would be a good idea to organize my Google Photos.

Yes, that was how I spent my Saturday night.

Imagine the horror on my face when I realized that all of the old blog post images I'd deleted from my personal Google photos also resulted in the removal of the photos from each of these blog posts on #Advertising | #Perspective.

So instead of spending today finishing one of the other posts I have in drafts, I wanted to pass along this tip so you can learn from my mistakes and avoid this issue for yourself in the future.

It makes sense now that I think about it. Blogger is a free blogging platform, a perk for writers who choose to use it, but a huge cost to Google when it comes to hosting all of their content. Apparently their solution was to bake photo and video content into your personal Google account, the one that you use for Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, etc. The photos and videos are stored as part of your free 15 gigs that come standard for anyone who signs up for a Gmail account. Compare this with Apple iCloud's 5 free gig's and Microsoft's answer in the form of and a universal Microsoft login that also provides 15 free gigs.

Each company has strengths and weaknesses: Apple is strong in Product Design, Google was first to have a widely adopted free file sharing system (Google Docs), and Microsoft has always been the strongest player in the enterprise software game which has allowed it to create adopt of it's product through force and routine.

I'm an Apple fan because I believe they believe in design first. I believe they do the best job of their competitors when it comes to creating elegant product and user experience design. But I really love Google docs ease of accessibility and find it pretty awesome that Microsoft has put all of it's Office products online for free (which is basically a more robust version of Google docs now that I think of it)...But everyone has Gmail email accounts...which makes it easier to share Google docs. What I would really like to see happen, is for Apple to move it's applications to the cloud and give users more than 5 gigs of free space. If they did that, I would be all in on Apple (I would require an update to all of the products as well).

Until then, I think I'll continue using Google Drive and all of it's features and for the random times I need Word (which only seems to happen these days when I'm dealing with someone who only uses Microsoft products). But as far as things go in regards to devices, I'm still open to suggestions. Currently using iphone/macbook.

So I spent a good hour or two today going back through my trash and finding the photos I deleted in order to add them back to their original posts.

Lesson learned.

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