Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Apple Jockey

Ok, I am not someone who claims to be a HUGE Apple fan, even though I have an iphone, ipod, mac book pro, whatever. But if you haven't seen the updates they implementing through Ios5 you really need to check out this video.  New Ios5!

There idea for wireless syncing is probably my favorite part about it. A lot of people who use blackberry's like to focus on BBM messenger as the distinguishing feature that separates its from the iphone. The first thing I have to say to that don't have unlimited texts? And unless you are a drug dealer there is no reason to want to have your "instant messaging" untraceable. Plus, when I did have a blackberry, my first would just get mad at me because they can see when you read their message and don't respond or vice versa. So, that being said, say hello to imessenger, and say goodbye to bbm.

I read someones review about the new operating system and they were hating on it saying it was super basic and simple....and I'm thinking, ya, that's why people like it. Apple has been able to tap into a technologically befuddled demographic and made them feel cool for being able to use an ipad, and thats cool! People like things that are simple. It's human nature. Not everyone can be in the 10% of consumers who are ahead of the curve. my mom barely uses computers, and she is a neurologist, but she has an iphone.

let me know what you think they best part of the #Ios5 update is....

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