Monday, September 7, 2015

Are you marketing like it's 2015?

Content is king. 

Let's refine that statement: Amazing content with even better context is king. 

Should we refine it even more? Or is it time for marketers to stop talking about how "content is king" move the conversation forward in a more mature direction? 

I feel like the saying "content is king" has been around since the TV was invented. Duh. Hellllllo. We know content is king. 

Maybe what we should really be saying is: Having a well defined, thoughtful, and daftly executed content strategy is king. 

And content strategy isn't just "what blog posts should we write this month?"

Don't get me wrong, that is a very real part of content strategy. When it's done right it can have a massive effect for a brand of any size. But it's just one small part of the game. The content strategy role is a role that is no longer ignorable within marketing departments at any organization. Content strategy is applicable to every piece of creative that a brand produces. 

Most people don't have an intricate knowledge of the organizational structure of an ad agency, so the role of "content strategist" might sound foreign, but I view it as a hybrid of the account planning and copywriter positions. A role that lives in both worlds, strategic planning and creative. A role that requires a deep understanding of what makes the consumer tick as well as a deep understanding of the tools and resources available to execute on a given strategy. 

That means constant psychology/consumer research and a healthy does of Techcrunch and product hunt.  

The point is it's 2015. There are smarter ways for brands to be spending their money. New technology and innovation has opened new doors to help you reach THE RIGHT consumers more effectively and with more efficiency. 

Now ask yourself, is that what you're doing? 

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