Saturday, June 11, 2011

I See You State Farm

Ok, so this post is less about symbology or association, but I just saw this new commercial for State Farm Insurance on and I actually laughed/smiled! Check it out here:
State Farm Commercial

There are a few different reasons this is worthy of a post:

1) I wanted to give a shout out to the 2010 Washington State University NSAC team who put together a campaign for State Farm and should have gone to nationals. Not only were they robbed by faulty judging, but they were robbed by State Farm! Does "The Agent Method" ring a bell? Ya, that was their campaign....

2) I finally feel like the correct humor was used to reach the correct target audience in this commercial. So shout out to DDB on this one. It was a simple situation that anyone old enough to buy car insurance can relate to. Yet, not too tacky or suggestive, aided by the wife's obvious fault in her accusation.

3) I really like their new tagline. "Get to a Better State." A lot of the time I will go over things multiple times and start to over think them. So when considering this new tagline. I watched it once, and just wrote down what i felt. And in the moment, I totally got it. Yes, now when I watch it over and over I start to think, "well, do they mean get to a different geographical state?" But even common words start to sound funny if you just keep repeating them. Moral of the story, I got the message they were trying to convey, I smiled, and they held my attention long enough so that I didn't change the channel.

Well done DDB & State Farm. Tell me if you see it a different way.

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