Monday, August 20, 2012

Just A Thought

They say that when you boil everything down to two emotions, you are left with Love and Fear. But I think there is something else you feel, something that bridges the gap between these two emotions. Love and fear are both powerful in their own right, but as conscious beings with free will, we get to determine our own feelings and choose how we react to them. It is our beliefs and chosen paths of benevolence and/or malevolence that determine our future. What spans the gap between love and fear is faith. Faith in yourself. Faith in your abilities. Faith in the people around you. Faith in your plan. If you have faith and focus on living a life full of love, the courage you need to accomplish your goals will find you. In fact, it’s in you right now. Just waiting to come out. Have some faith in the universe, you weren’t here when it was created and it’s doing just fine. 

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