Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Why you must start today

If you do not start today, you can always start tomorrow.

But if you start tomorrow, what's stopping your from starting the day after? And the day after that?

You've heard this before. I won't waste your time with an honest plea. Or tell you that you should live in fear of getting left in the dust.

But what if I told you, that if you do not start tomorrow, you might not have the same perspective five years down the road?

And what if I told you, that your complete lack of experience, the one thing holding you back, is the best thing you have going for you?

If you don't start today, the struggles you're facing will go unresolved not only for you, but for the millions of people who are undoubtedly facing the same struggles, now and in the future.

There's a reason going back and reading the pages of your old diary evoke so much emotion. You aren't just reading the pages, you're reliving them. You're reliving the emotions and feelings that you had the day the words poured out of your soul and onto the paper. Tear drops and all. That level of authenticity is irreplaceable, you can't mimic it or make it up.

The people that are facing the same struggles you faced all those years ago will recognize your pain (or pleasure) and connect with your genuine authenticity instantaneously. Not to sound corny, but you could save a life. Forget the intended consequences. You can't set out to save a life with a blog post or a drawing or a screen play, you have to do it for yourself. But that doesn't mean that something you create today won't connect with a kid half way around the world in 10 years. Yes, I'm talking about time travel folks. Doesn't that get you excited?

The perspective you have today is powerful. It is also fleeting. You'll never have it again. You will learn new lessons and as you experience life your perspective will continue to grow and change each day. So if you do not start today, how will you remember who were yesterday? How far you've come. And who you want to become tomorrow?

Is you life a powerful narrative? One you're in control of? Or a blank slate, like waking up from a blackout. Unsure of what's happened or what today holds, bending to the will of chance and circumstance. Wasting your time by partaking in whatever comes your way.

Our lives are very short when we compare them to the scale of the Cosmos. Even if you wrote one blog post a day for 100 years, or painted one picture a day for 100 years, you'd end up with less than 40,000 pieces of work. 36,524.2 to be exact.

(I googled "how many days in 100 years?" The answer: 36,524.2)

That makes me extremely uncomfortable. Because it's not nearly enough.

The level of success that you reach in any discipline correlates directly with the amount of time you invest in your endeavor and if you only have 40,000 more chances (give or take a few), you better get started.

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