Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Great Suspender

Blogging about technology is something that I love to do.

But I don't necessarily like to blog technology in the same way I review music on

Listening to music is more of an emotional experience where as technology plays more of a utilitarian role in my life. When I do discover useful technology that solves real problems for me I share it here on my blog. Usually devoid of the pomp and fluff that I provide when describing my favorite genre: melodic, euphoric, uplifting, big room Trance.

The Great Suspender is one of my new favorite chrome extensions. It "automatically suspends unused tabs to free up system resources."

Aka, for those of us that might not have the latest macbook and run into issues when we have more than a few tabs open, this bad boy swoops in to save the day.

Pro tip: Make sure you turn on the screen shot option in the settings so that when you come back to a tab, you can see (remember) what was actually on the page :)

More info:

"The Great Suspender is a lightweight chrome extension to help reduce chrome's memory footprint for users that like to have too many tabs open at the same time. This extension will automagically unload each tab while retaining its favicon and title text. A tab can be restored by clicking anywhere on the page when it is needed. This reduces the number of dom elements on the page and ensures no memory leaks or excessive javascripts are running."

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