Sunday, August 23, 2015

Who does #2 work for?!

We are builders. Writers. Philosophers. Engineers. Lovers. Fighters. And everything in between.

Regardless of what you do, the most important thing is that you are passionate about something. One thing. Anything.

Once you have found that passion, there is a next step. Do your work. Continue to do it everyday. Even on bad days. Especially bad days.

It's almost comical how difficult it is for us to take action. As though forward progress is only measured in glitter and gold.

I'll admit the idea of sticking to daily blog was once something that set my stomach in knots. It wasn't until I'd spent some time out in the world and time away from the keyboard (writing for others instead of myself) that I realized how important the daily process is for my well-being. How much strength that I contrive from it.

I've been back in Seattle now for 2 weeks and I've crammed as many lunches and dinners with old friends into my calendar as possible. It's been nostalgic, cathartic, therapeutic, and down right hilarious. I never realized how strong of a support system I had. I'll never let that happen again.

Each relationship I re-energize provides inspiration for my writing. Not only the topics and subjects of the words that I choose to lay out before you, but for the process itself.

It's so inspiring to see people stepping into the world as strong individuals, brazen in their desires and filled with hope; acknowledging and, maybe for the first time, well aware that the path to their definition of success will only be attained through hard work and relentless dedication. Failure and repetition.

A constant theme emerging: the battle rages on inside all of us, but we must move forward.

The message today is still: Do you work.

But find solace in the notion that each bump and bruise along the way still counts as forward progress. You can only compare yourself with who you were yesterday. Not some idea of who you wish to be tomorrow. The timeline stretches out in front of all of us, different paths leading to same the place. Your journey is going to be arduous, but you can't let it frighten you.

Who does #2 work for? He works for you.

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