Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Art of Creating Awe

Another day, another amazing TED Talks. I seriously don't understand why these aren't required reading (watching) for kinds in school these days. I think I learn more about life and how to be a good person from TED Talks than I even learned in School. It's like getting a personal lecture from the best teacher you ever had...except its a new best teacher every day.

Now not every Ted Talk is as equally amazing. But excuse me if I end up going on a tangent and start posting new Ted Talks and my reactions for the next few....oh I don't know...years? check back in with me, you might learn something about yourself. I always do.

This talk comes from Oscar award-winning movie effects creator Rob Legato who has worked on movies like Titanic, Hugo, and Apollo 13. Talk about block busters. Not only does he show you how he created so of his most recognized shots, he also has some pretty insightful stuff to say about creating awe....Enjoy

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