Thursday, August 30, 2012

Smart Phone? More Like Magic Wand.

Another great find while watching Ted Talks during my lunch today, wait, that's an understatement. The free mobile app in this demonstration, called Aurasma and created at Cambridge, is going to have a monumental effect on the advertising industry. I'm going to tell you what it does, but not even that will spoil the amazing capabilities this app encompasses.

It allows anyone, for free, to tag an image, with a video. That means that anytime the app is open, and one holds their phone up to an image that his been tagged, the image will come to life, acting out whatever video (even 3D) has been prompted to play. It can fit in with the picture, the picture itself can begin to move, or a completely random video can pop up. But the fact that we can now create free interactive experiences for consumers, in their environment, is just absolutely mind blowing. Not to mention they are already using it for education! Having a smart phone is becoming more and more like having a magic wand. You can tag text books to come to life and give extra visual learning opportunities. Dressing room experiences are going to become more animated. Billboards interactive with rich media. The possibilities are endless; and what's even more excited, something Matt mentions in the Ted Talk, is that the processing power/phone technology is only getting better and better, faster and faster.

If someone big gets behind this app (Think P&G POP/in-store visual product demonstrations), and sinks real money into it (someone will, I will!) the world of advertising will never be the same.

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