Friday, September 21, 2012

The Top Left Truck

woowwwww time has its way of flying. But luckily I can say that this time my negligence towards my personal blog has not been out of laziness, but because I've been so busy.  Lot of personal stuff, and not too terribly interesting, but I'm excited about my other blog, Only The Beat,  that has just broken the 1,300 Facebook fan mark. All 100% real and generated organically. Which is great for the first few months. I am looking forward to implementing new features, spending some serious cash on advertising, and hopefully beginning to throw our own events. the title of this blog states, I use this site as a place to share, think, and talk about advertising (because it's my passion), but more importantly perspective. I am fascinated by the idea that we are all experiencing so many things together, simultaneously, yet have such different views, thoughts, and/or ideas about how these different events actually took place (what went down yo). Or how the same event happening to so many people can have such varying after effects and results.  

The screen shot I've included in this post depicts an experiment that was conducted to test peoples perceptions. Take a look at the picture and I'm sure you can determine the issues that arises when the person viewing the objects in the book shelf from "your view" are asked by "the director" to move the top left truck on the shelf. Surprisingly, or maybe not, people moved the incorrect truck about 50% of the time. I think statistics like this show us that however rational we assume our peers might be, people really do tend see things from there own perspectives the majority of the time. And not only do I think this means we need to make a greater effort to help people see things from different perspectives, we too, also need to make sure we are considering the way that others view things before we make decisions. Frame your story to fit your audiences perspective, and then help them come to a realization, or solve their problem. 


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